Author: David Adeoye

JAH Rapha! Our Healer!

At a particular Sabbath, a sister bent by Satan for 18 years was under the teaching of Jesus Christ; He saw her and healed her. But surprisingly, the officiating minister felt the church service perhaps was interrupted. Especially to him, healing- enablement – isn’t meant to be received on the Sabbath day by humans. However, animals in danger can be helped. Isn’t that dumb? But courteous Jesus called it hypocrisy.

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Hallowed be thy Name…

Do you really think about these words- hallowed be thy name- or you just cite them? I do agree with Watchman Nee: “Only through repetition will the truth be retained” on one hand and as such citation is necessary. On the other hand, he did further opined: “Only by reviewing will it be learned”. Therefore, I can understand why I’m where I am, a baby till date. Of course, I retained the truth but until recently I have never stopped to think about it.

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The Earnest Contenders

I feel Mr Naboth didn’t handle his dealings with the king Ahab the way my Lord treated Herod. I acknowledge we must all contend for the inheritance of our fathers- faith- but must be done in an EARNEST WAY not frivolously. We must harness all graces from the Lord Jesus; His word must dwell in us richly in all wisdom.

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