Author: Oloruntoba Isehunwa

Moving Forward in Life

Every Christian desires to move forward in life, to move to the next level either in terms of our walk with God or even in other spheres of our lives. Indeed, it is a known fact that stagnant water is a fantastic breeding ground for diseases. It is with this in mind that our Master, Lord Jesus in the verses above gave a call to His disciples to cross over to the other side.

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Seeking Him

Are you getting weary in your search for Him? Have you tried all means and you are beginning to think it is not possible? I want you to know that the Lord Jesus sees your heart, he sees and know the desire you have to see Him, to understand His word the more and He is ever willing to be found! Come all ye who thirst, for you shall be satisfied.

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The Manifestation of the Sons Of God, Part 2

The manifestation of the sons of God is for a definite purpose. God would not just reveal His sons for nothing, just as we are not just saved to make heaven. Rather, there is a reason why God would openly and boldly display His sons for all to see. This reason is quite unlike that of earthly men who boast about the latest acquired assets and achievements just to draw praise from men and be regarded as important.

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