Be Still

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I sense the fear
The darkness lingers
Now I can’t see a thing
Seems I’m alone in this room

But how can it be
I started out well
With lots of courage and gusto
Now that energy is gone
‘Cause I’m afraid

The storm rages
I can’t see an end in sight
It’s like in a tunnel
My voice echoes
And it feels like there’s no way out

How can this be?
I had this figured out
I made the right plans
I thought I had what it takes
Yet this is not what it should be

I took the test, and failed
I fished this waters, and caught nothing
I prayed, the answers didn’t come
I read, but couldn’t remember

Yet, I barely hear a whisper
Through the confusion
From within the noise
Aside my anxiety
I hear a voice
“I’m with you”

I strain to listen
For with every moment I hear the voice
The pain eases
For with every moment I hear the voice
The fear fades
The harder I try
The worse it gets
I let my strength pull me through
Now I’ve got none left

Why do I hear a whisper?
I thought I was all alone
Why is this voice a whisper?
Could it be?
I’m not alone after all!

I seek to hear a clearer voice
For a moment, I let go of my worries
I let go of my sadness
And then the voice gets louder
“I am with you”

O’, my fears and worries drown the sound
O’, it is the voice of God
O’, God has walked with me all this while
O’, it is when I’m still that I can know Him

The voice says:
“I am with you”
“Do not be afraid”
“I am the shepherd, you are my sheep”
“Cast your burdens upon me”
“Fret not”
“Be still and know that I am God”

And so I learnt a truth
My fears would drown in His presence
My worries gnaw at His mercies
My sadness masks His love
And only when I am still
Then He is real!

Thank God tomorrow is Sunday, he will be saying. Tayo would put on his suit and tie talking about God’s love and forgiveness on the pulpit. And on Monday, he comes back to collapse into your arms.

Hypocrisy is not an English system, it is a personal vice. For how long will you indulge a brother in sin? Save him! Save your soul!

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Summary I sense the fear. The darkness lingers. Now I can’t see a thing, Seems I’m alone in this room. But how can it be, I started out well. With lots of courage and gusto. Now that energy is gone. ‘Cause I’m afraid...

Psalm, Fears and God's Presence

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