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Our mothers understood values, their ideals and standards in keeping their homes are virtues to be strongly admired. Sometimes, it beats my mind to see how respectful, loyal and submissive a woman poses to be even to her so-called wayward husband. This is not to excuse the bad behaviours of men but rather to extol the priceless virtue of a submissive wife.

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It takes Two to get Ready: Boaz and Ruth’s Story Score 99%

It takes Two to get Ready: Boaz and Ruth’s Story

Where does love like Ruth’s come from? It comes from the Lord of all love. If you want some of it, you will have to cultivate a close personal relationship with Him just as Ruth did. When we get to know God and understand how much He gave for us, we are encouraged to give of ourselves for the good of others, even our in-laws. And when we do that, tension and turmoil begin to dissolve into harmony and happiness.

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Vitamin ‘ADEK’ for the Believer Score 99%

Vitamin ‘ADEK’ for the Believer

Deficiency of particular vitamins can lead to various diseases, for instance, ricket is caused by deficiency of vitamin D, and scurvy is a consequence of vitamin C deficiency. Terrible diseases such as Alzheimer disease, arteriosclerosis, cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease can be linked to deficiency of antioxidants, of which vitamins A, C and E are potent antioxidants.

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