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JAH Rapha! Our Healer! Score 99%

JAH Rapha! Our Healer!

At a particular Sabbath, a sister bent by Satan for 18 years was under the teaching of Jesus Christ; He saw her and healed her. But surprisingly, the officiating minister felt the church service perhaps was interrupted. Especially to him, healing- enablement – isn’t meant to be received on the Sabbath day by humans. However, animals in danger can be helped. Isn’t that dumb? But courteous Jesus called it hypocrisy.

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Moving Forward in Life Score 99%

Moving Forward in Life

Every Christian desires to move forward in life, to move to the next level either in terms of our walk with God or even in other spheres of our lives. Indeed, it is a known fact that stagnant water is a fantastic breeding ground for diseases. It is with this in mind that our Master, Lord Jesus in the verses above gave a call to His disciples to cross over to the other side.

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The Earnest Contenders Score 99%

The Earnest Contenders

I feel Mr Naboth didn’t handle his dealings with the king Ahab the way my Lord treated Herod. I acknowledge we must all contend for the inheritance of our fathers- faith- but must be done in an EARNEST WAY not frivolously. We must harness all graces from the Lord Jesus; His word must dwell in us richly in all wisdom.

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The Manifestation of the Sons Of God, Part 2 Score 99%

The Manifestation of the Sons Of God, Part 2

The manifestation of the sons of God is for a definite purpose. God would not just reveal His sons for nothing, just as we are not just saved to make heaven. Rather, there is a reason why God would openly and boldly display His sons for all to see. This reason is quite unlike that of earthly men who boast about the latest acquired assets and achievements just to draw praise from men and be regarded as important.

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The Watchman Score 99%

The Watchman

As Christians, God has set us as watchmen and we all have gates which each of us is expected to man. Examples of such gates that are to be manned include the family gate, gate at the place of work, gates in our churches, gates of our neighbourhood, state, nation etc. Hence, it is our responsibility, first, to identify the gate(s) which God has commissioned us to man (watch), and then ensure that we man such gate(s).

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