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Call Upon God Score 99%

Call Upon God

What confidence do I have to approach the holy of holies? Can I disdain Christ, yet call upon God? Shall I be a master of myself Yet behold the face of God? Far be it so, for my confidence lies in Christ and His intercession for me. I will love Jesus everyday As I seek the face of God. My eyes will be set upon the Cross and the covenant it wrought for me…

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Be Still Score 99%

Be Still

I sense the fear. The darkness lingers. Now I can’t see a thing, Seems I’m alone in this room. But how can it be, I started out well. With lots of courage and gusto. Now that energy is gone. ‘Cause I’m afraid…

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The real question… Score 99%

The real question…

We heard of Jesus who for our sakes became poor so that we might be rich. We heard of a Jesus who had no place to lay his head. The Jesus we know built lives not mansions. He was busy doing the father’s work not running rat race. What happened to the glory that was prevalent in the early church?

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God loves You Score 99%

God loves You

God loves me just as He loved Christ. So when Christ was born in the manger, grew up in a not so rich family, found himself in the midst of a raging storm, healed the sick, fed thousands, raised Lazarus, was betrayed, beaten, mocked, crucified, died, rose again…. God’s love was spelt over all over it, both the good and ugly experiences.

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