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Are you a Transformed Christian? Part 4 Score 99%

Are you a Transformed Christian? Part 4

When a man becomes a Christian, he receives a light. In Ephesians, Paul calls it the new man. In 2 Corinthians 5:17, he calls it a new creature. It’s a new creation man. There is a life and that life forms the basis, the source, the power, the energy of genuine transformation. John says as many as received him to them he gave POWER to become the sons of God (John 1:12). That’s the origin. It is not just about determination. It’s not about resolutions. There is a life I must receive.

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Are you a Transformed Christian?  Part 1 Score 99%

Are you a Transformed Christian? Part 1

In this article we shall be discussing about the transformed Christian. In truth however, the term “transformed Christian” is a misnomer because really a Christian is supposed to be a transformed man or a transformed woman. Every man is meant to have a transformed life. It is God’s will for each one of us to live as men and women that have experienced transformation.

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JAH Rapha! Our Healer! Score 99%

JAH Rapha! Our Healer!

At a particular Sabbath, a sister bent by Satan for 18 years was under the teaching of Jesus Christ; He saw her and healed her. But surprisingly, the officiating minister felt the church service perhaps was interrupted. Especially to him, healing- enablement – isn’t meant to be received on the Sabbath day by humans. However, animals in danger can be helped. Isn’t that dumb? But courteous Jesus called it hypocrisy.

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Hallowed be thy Name… Score 99%

Hallowed be thy Name…

Do you really think about these words- hallowed be thy name- or you just cite them? I do agree with Watchman Nee: “Only through repetition will the truth be retained” on one hand and as such citation is necessary. On the other hand, he did further opined: “Only by reviewing will it be learned”. Therefore, I can understand why I’m where I am, a baby till date. Of course, I retained the truth but until recently I have never stopped to think about it.

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Moving Forward in Life Score 99%

Moving Forward in Life

Every Christian desires to move forward in life, to move to the next level either in terms of our walk with God or even in other spheres of our lives. Indeed, it is a known fact that stagnant water is a fantastic breeding ground for diseases. It is with this in mind that our Master, Lord Jesus in the verses above gave a call to His disciples to cross over to the other side.

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Lives around The Cross: Part 1 Score 99%

Lives around The Cross: Part 1

He was learning behind the scene. But one day, his time came. Bible says “Now behold…’’. Now Joseph is good for use. He has been fully made and prepared for this time. So let us join the Bible to behold the man of the hour. Everyone was shocked at the advent of this man. Who was he? Did he ever know Jesus? Why was he not known before now?

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